If your child was injured at school or by a school representative, you need to hire a trusted personal injury attorney.

At Jones Law Office, we understand how important your children are to you and how hard it can be to handle any harm that comes their way. When an institution or person who you trusted with your child fails to keep him/her from harm, it can cause incredible damage, distrust, and confusion. The South Bend personal injury attorneys at Jones Law Office are committed to fight for you and protect you and your loved one’s wellbeing, making sure those at fault pay for all the damages – emotional, physical, and financial.

Why Should I Speak to a School Injury Attorney?
School injuries can encompass physical and emotional trauma caused by school facilities, fellow students, and faculty members. It is a school’s responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students entrusted to them. As such, when harm befalls a student at school, it is likely grounds for a school injury claim.

At Jones Law Office we handle all School Injury cases including:
• Hazardous school grounds
• Sexual abuse
• Harassment and bullying
• Coach abuse

Some of the most common forms of school injury are those due to hazardous school grounds or emotional and sexual abuse inflicted by other students, teachers, or staff members. The school grounds include the entire premises, from the playground to the classroom chairs. It is the duty of the school to ensure that any hazards are clearly designated, removed, blocked off, or repaired.

Additionally, there must be monitoring of the building and the playground to ensure safety. If the grounds are not maintained, resulting injuries are due to negligence on behalf of the school. However, the harm that befalls a child is not always physically evident.

Other students, teachers, or staff members can cause a student emotional trauma from sexual abuse, harassment and bullying, or coach abuse. So, adequate supervision is necessary to protect those most vulnerable from all forms of harm. If this supervision is negligent, the safety of the students is put at risk.

In order to protect your child and others from harm physically, emotionally, and mentally, it is important to file a school injury claim when injury results on school grounds or as a result of negligent school officials. Work with an attorney who is well versed in Indiana school injury law to help you get the best result.

The attorneys at Jones Law Office are trusted and compassionate school injury attorneys who will best represent you and your child’s best interests and make sure those at fault pay for all the damages—emotional, physical, and financial—that resulted from negligence. At Jones Law Office, we will make sure that you and your loved one are being treated fairly and will handle the case effectively while respecting your child’s privacy.

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