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When is Guardianship Necessary?
In Indiana, a legal guardian is an adult appointed by the court to make major decisions for an individual who is incapable of decision making. This individual is typically a minor, someone elderly, or an incapacitated adult who is facing life decisions such as education, finances, medical decisions, food, and place of residence. The guardian is appointed to make a decision for their person/ward that acts in his/her best interest, much like a parent or loved one would do. For example, the following individuals/wards may find themselves in need of guardianship:
• An unadopted minor whose parents are deceased
• A special needs child who is entering adulthood
• An adult with special needs with deceased parents
• A minor living with a non-parental figure (eg., uncle/aunt, grandmother/grandfather)
• An adult incapacitated by an injury or medical condition

Additionally, while grandparents or other relatives can come close to filling the role of a child’s parents, legally they are unable to have the same freedoms. However, with an appointed guardian, the relationship between grandparents and child can become equivalent to parent and child.

A guardian’s responsibility levels can vary for those they are appointed to care for. For a minor child, the guardian has a high level of responsibility. However, when it comes to adult guardianship the level of responsibility will depend on the circumstance of need and the court’s decision. Ultimately, when financial management is necessary the guardian has a fiduciary duty and is required to report to the court to ensure that he/she is acting in the best interest of their person/ward.

Overall, Jones Law Office understands how complicated guardianship matters can be. Whether they involve a minor, a new adult, an incapacitated adult, or an elderly person, the attorneys at Jones Law Office are here for you. We understand the intricacies of each case and will help protect you and your loved one’s rights and walk you through every step of the guardianship process.

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